Xavier Logan

Xavier Logan, a 15yr old proud native dancer, singer, actor, performer, and public speaker of Atlanta, Georgia has 8 years of training under his belt. His training in Acting, Singing, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, West African, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Tap, Majorette, and Tumbling have made him both a very open minded and versatile dancer. He has been in several chorus groups to improve his singing, performed at over 15 events each year, introduced many speakers and have given speeches, and has been pulled away to act in several plays and tv shows. He was recently just asked to fly to LA to be a finalist for Season 7 of Dance Moms and Abby Lee Millers junior elite team.With his amazing/supportive team including his choreographers, mentors, and family he has accomplished a lot and only wants to do more and go further in life. Also his burning desire to complete everything that God has destined him to do, a strong passion for artistry, great detail, self-expression, and heart that loves others compassionately, there’s no doubt that Xavier Logan is going to leave a legacy that will go on well after his time.
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