Nzingha Dunston

Nzingha is the fruit of southern and Caribbean roots.  She is happy, confident and full of personality!  Only 2lbs 8oz at birth, Nzingha has always charted her own course and shows up boldly.  She's a natural communicator.  Her knack for language comes through in the wit and humor she brings to every conversation. She makes friends wherever she goes, and coming from a 4-generation family, this only child loves connecting with people of all ages.

Nzingha is curious and creative!  Her imagination has turned her bedroom into a gallery of inventions, filled with paper models, handmade puppets, elaborate forts and colorful storybooks she's written and illustrated herself.  When she's ready to move, you can find her at the top of a playground, dancing to KidzBop or winding down on her yoga mat.
The galaxy's the limit for Nzingha, and she's blasting off!
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