Jasmine Wade

Jasmine wade is relocated from Tuscaloosa, Al with her family August of 2014. She is 11 years old. Jasmines is a very loving, happy, and energetic young lady who not only loves her family and friends, but she has a passion for people, young and old.

Jasmine is very creative, and curious. She loves everything about the arts. She loves to dance, sing, draw, makes things and, of course, her greatest passion is acting. Jasmines desire is to soon become an actress so she can reach the world. She believes is her job to help other and bring awareness to world of the things that are going on. She loves to entertain and give people something to think about.

Jasmines assisted in various community projects in Alabama, and hope to begin to help here in Atlanta, and all over the world. She always say, “Sometimes it take love and patients. If no one shows a person how and what to do, some people just won’t get it. Some has to show them, so why not me!”

Jasmine has been in various plays, modeled for two designers, a commercial, a small movie, and a TV episode.

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