Ashli Kirkland

Ashli "Brooke" Kirkland is a 12 year old native Atlantan. Since birth Ashli has had a way of commanding attention, and her parents are grateful to have been lead to Hott Theatre, which has afforded Ashli the opportunity to funnel that desire for the spotlight into a creative outlet. Ashli enjoys reading, creating content for her YouTube channel, "Brookie Cookie" and of course doing anything that puts her talents on display. She has also taken dance, ballet, and gymnastics lessons. Although Ashli is what some would consider to be tiny in stature, she more than makes up for it  with her big personality and unique way of looking at the world. With the love of her family and God, Ashli knows  there is no goal too great nor challenge too tough to overcome. She has always believed that the best gifts come in small packages!

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