Who We Are

The birth of HOTT Theatre

HOTT Theatre was created by Lauren Hunt on the premises of setting children up for success in the entertainment industry. Through classes once a week, Lauren touches each child, personally with lessons on how to succeed in a room full of casting directors, or just adults that want to know more about them. HOTT Theatre is more than just a company that helps child actors, it is a brand that is on its way to becoming a household name.

Who we reach

Unlike other acting classes, HOTT Theatre aims to be personal by making classes smaller so instructors can guarantee one on one time with each child. We thrive on instilling the love of God in our children so when they go out into the world, everyone will see the same sparkle we do.

What We Do

  • We prepare children of all ages to speak in professional environments
  • We attend networking events, providing HOTT kids the opportunity to share their brand with industry professionals
  • We send children out on auditions to provide the experience needed to book professional jobs within this booming film industry in Atlanta, Ga.
  • We help children build their confidence showing them that through God, all things are possible.
  • Monologue practice and how to properly audition (on camera and stage)
  • We team up with local charities in Atlanta and give our children the opportunity to gain community service hours and a learning experience that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Meet Our Owner

(Hunt’s Over the Top) Theatre for Children is a vision that was placed in Lauren’s heart many years ago. As a passionate educator who had been impacted by Theatre herself, Lauren wanted to share the gift of theatre with as many children as possible. Lauren previously worked at a private school in Marietta, Ga. Known as Destiny Academy. During her time there, she had the opportunity to work with many children ages 1-5. She introduced Destiny students to Theatre and the children along with their parents fell in love with the stage. The parents at Destiny Academy encouraged Lauren to branch out and open her own performing arts space. Stepping out on faith, Lauren opened HOTT Theatre August of 2014. Lauren has worked with many children, but her HOTT Theatre babies hold a dear place in her heart. She loves watching them grow on and off the stage, but most importantly in Christ. Lauren is very excited to have Richard Reynolds as an instructor at HOTT Theatre for Children. Richard is definitely one to be reckoned with. He proves through his daily actions that perseverance should be approached with much intentionality. Not only is he methodically balanced with philanthropy and Theater; he has allowed himself to be a student of the TV and Film Industry. Making appearances as background, stand-in, supporting and featured roles has/is sharpening his skills. Richard has had the opportunity to be featured in David Talberts, Almost Christmas, A Question of Faith with Kim Fields and Greg Alan Williams, NETFlIX, Come Sunday (Bishop Carlton Pearson) and more. He has also made appearances on Atlanta Live, Gospel Touch with Daisy McGrew and BJ Releford. It is of no surprise the magnitude of success that Richard will encounter on his way Up! As he effortlessly gives of himself, he believes there is an abundance of wealth and “What God has for You is for You”.

Lauren’s credentials include:

  • Acting in a number of stage plays and short films
  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Auburn University
  • Teaching 5+ years in Cobb County
  • M.Ed. (Masters of Elementary Education)

Payments and Policies

Families are free to audit the first class with HOTT Theatre for Children at no additional price. If you decide to join HOTT Theatre for Children, classes are $200.00/month with a one time registration fee of $100.00. If you have more than one child, please feel free to contact me regarding pricing for the additional children. We accept credit cards and PayPal. REGISTRATION IS NOT GUARANTEED WITH HOTT Theatre for Children. HOTT Theatre staff must agree that the child(ren) are a good fit for HOTT Theatre before registration occurs. DEPOSITS and TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


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