Elouise Hunt

Elouise Hunt is a very smart six year old who is in the first grade at Young American Christian School. She is an A student who previously scored in the 99th and 97th percentile in math and reading respectively. In addition to her academics, she plays the piano and takes gymnastic and dancing. She has taken ballet, tap, hip hop and jazz. She was one of the few first graders chosen to perform in a recent school musical, because she just enjoys performing. Elouise recently joined HOTT Theatre to improve her performance skills. She has been a part of several fashion shows and pageants. Her favorite pastime is singing so you can always hear her singing a tune or two. Elouise has a very bubbly personality and is a very happy child. She is very sure of herself an therefore makes friends very easily. She will carry a conversation with people of all ages without hesitance. She is very generous and will always help somebody in need. You can be sure that this face will be seen on television screens across the world!